Mike Trask.

The name alone evokes a compelling image . Yet until you actually meet the owner of the title, you will not have an inkling as to who the man really is.

So, who is he? Or — perhaps a more appropriate inquiry would be — how is he?

Trask has been sculpted by the people, surroundings, and events that line his life. What sets him apart and puts hima little left of center —  hell, a lot — is the way in which he dissects everything, turns it loose reimagined, and yet still glowing with some universal truth.

Growing up in rural Nova Scotia as a fisherman tuned his brain to a different frequency. The near-constant 3 AM awakenings allowed him to absorb the peculiar and elusive thought patterns which float around in the pre-dawn. By applying these to his creative output he has achieved a unique position within the songsphere.

Now, you may hear him perform solo and liken it to straight up folk / roots / blues music.

And it is…

But listen closer — especially on record – — and there’s something more: think Dylan Thomas meets Lightning Hopkins in a Maritime basement bar in a not so distant future; think of some wharf-rat scoundrel searching for his long-lost father and finding out it’s Waits; think of a twisted, weird, saltwater hick stumbling upon his own genius and broadcasting it to the world with an antenna of rusty coathangers.

Use your imagination. It’s exactly what he is asking you to do.



Mike Trask’s latest single, Bad News, produced by Adam Mowery, delivers a fresh take on John D. Loudermilk’s novelty country song of the same name, later released by Johnny Cash.

Everything Trask does carries with it a distinct atmosphere all its own. This time around, it’s his vocal delivery that steals the show, maxing out his full range with mic peaking intensity. And let’s not forget the band. Together with Mowery on bass and drummer Matt Gallant, this trio seems the perfect fit for delivering Trask’s unique take on this thing we call music.

It almost seems criminal to tease this out, knowing we have to wait another four, five or six months for the full album to arrive. #cantwait

Matt Carter
Matt CarterGridcity Magazine